Our mission

Is to set up a global network of thousands of small non-specialized 3D printing factories ready to meet local production demands. The goal is to increase the growth of the 3D printing market tenfold, currently valued at $10 Billion in 2021 to $100 Billion by 2025. 

How we will do it

By establishing a dense network of micro-factories ready to produce 3D pieces on demand. By using DeFi principals such as incentivised staking we will help individuals & companies to purchase the equipment necessary to develop micro factories. This will allow them a recurring revenue and will increase the number of “miners” on our network. 

We are also developing partnerships with designers for the conception and realization of 3D plans for works of art, model making and everyday objects. The designers are the “developers” within our network.

Social and business development

We also know that there is no activity without demand. We are providing a service for people who already have the equipment necessary and opportunity for others to develop new revenue streams. By developing our communication channels & partnerships we intend to make sure that the world knows about us thus increasing activity on our network.

In this context, the network effect is paramount and it takes a certain critical mass for decentralized production to work at  scale.

More information coming soon !



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