Our services

Decentralized Factory proposes an A to Z solution to have your 3D pieces  designed, printed and shipped to you by connecting all the actors of the industry close to you.

On demand 3D printing near you

If you need a custom piece to be 3D printed in plastic, ceramic or metal contact us and we will make it happen.

Conception of 3D plans for your project

If you need help to conceive a 3D plan for a custom piece we can connect you with our partners for support free of charge.

Providing funding for new micro factories using DeFi

Growing our network is of upmost importance. Thanks to a stacking mechanism we will be providing funding for individuals and companies willing to launch themselves in 3D printing for ceramic and metal objects.

Providing users with a 3D NFT market place 

Leveraging the NFT market place with unique 3D pieces created and designed by artists. These pieces can then be minted by an individual and printed and shipped by an other right to your door step.

Beta version: App (decentralized-factory.io)



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